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5"Gauge 12' Radius Points

12' Point - Right Hand

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16mm or 21mm rail. 12 foot right or left hand points. Lever and sprung pull rod available as optional extra.

 Points are complicated pieces of equipment. There are over 150 pieces to a point. It takes around a day to make one correctly
       So why buy a Ride on Railways point -
            • Steel frog - cast or aluminium rail frogs collaspe in a relatively short time.
            • Check rails in the correct location - not simply on the nearest sleeper
            • Treated softwood. Hardwood can attack fixings and can split with the constant wet/dry cycles it is exposed to
            • Various radius construction. Points aren't a constant radius.
            • Rigid fixing. Each sleeper/rail interface has the maximum number of fixings to lock the point together. Points should never have rail that can move (except blades)
            • Pocket cut outs for point blades on stock rails
            • Optional point lever allows points to be locked and are trailable.
  So yes we have to cover a days labour to build a set of points. If you want different radius then we need to charge for design, setting out, additional materials and working out of the jig.

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