0-4-0 TROJAN LOCO Tram Body

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  • Wheel size 100mm (cut from 100mm dia blank)
  • Wheel Base 225mm
  • Length 628 mm (chassis)
  • Width 306
  • Minimum radius - 9 feet (2.7m)

Optional Extras

  • Quick release battery connector
  • Steam whistle sound unit
  • Steam chuffer sound box
  • 4 x 150w motors
  • 24v iDrive digital controller - 120 amp continous rating
  • Progressive regenerative braking
  • Top speed 11-12mph
  • Designed to accept two 063 car batteries
  • Body 3 mm steel frame wih mdf panels
  • Chassis weight (with out batteries) 24kg
  • Ball race bearings
  • Direct drive from axle hung motors
  • Hand controller with built in deadmans switch
The 5" gauge Trojan Y6 tram engine is a robust powerful battery electric locomotive which is equally at home on garden and club railways. The slightly over scale body allows the fit of two standard car batteries under the body. With the batteries and body removed the chassis weighs just 24kg which means it can be easily transported in nearly any car.

The chassis is available as a ball race version or with working cranks.

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Q. Why would you have cranks? - A. They look good, help with adhesion and look prototypical.

Q. Why would I have bearing version - A. Reduced maintenance as there are no cranks to look after.

Q. Is it OK to use car batteries? - A. Yes. Today's batteries are far more robust than that of 10 years ago. In heavy use you can expect to get over three years use, possibly longer. While traction batteries are designed for traction purposes, they rarely out last car batteries. Costing over twice the price the often prove to be false economy.

Q. Why don't you powder coat the bodies? - Powder coating can be a more durable finish but it does have disadvantages. If damaged it cannot be repaired. Acrylic car paints offer the advantage of being able to be repaired or overpainted. It also means that the average person can repaint a body to give it a total new lease of life.

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