71/4" Gauge Railway

Provisional running days for 2017
1. 17th April - Easter Monday
2. 1st May - Bank Holiday Monday
3. 4th June - Sunday
4. 2nd July - Sunday
5. 6th August - Sunday
6. 3rd September - Sunday
7. 1st October – Sunday

Dave Allen driving his Feldbahn locomotive.

Welcome to our club

If you live in or near Romford, and have an interest in miniature railways then please come along to one of our meetings and meet a bunch of people with a shared interest.

Work has started on construction of the Lodge Farm Park Community Railway.

  • Sundays - 10am Lodge Farm Park
  • Third Wednesday of the month - 7.30pm The Lodge, Main Road (left of Raphael restaurant)
  • Run trains on selective dates.

 Membership is now open
  •  Full membership
  •  Student
  •  Junior (10-14)
Membership runs from April

Membership application - paul@rideonrailways.co.uk
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Official Start of Construction
Above official start of construction on site with a small ceremony.

As a club it was suggested that we should set up a railway in Lodge Farm Park. The support from the Friends of the Park and from numerous park visitors has been amazing.
    • Planning permission successful
    • Permission and support of Havering Council
    • Grant application submitted
    • Weekly working parties in Lodge Farm Park


For further details contact chair@havering-miniature-railway.co.uk