Middleton Garden Railway

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Our Railway



1998 - Pre railway. Then end of the garden was overgrown and used for bonfires and composting. The york stone path has been taken over by plants.
Looking back at the house. At the bottom of the picture is the point at which the outer loop crossed the path.
Easter 1999.

I had finished the assembly of my Polly. Thought then turned on to where were we going to run it.

April 1999

- Whilst visiting Barry at Compass House we picked up a Bulldog and a pair of bogies. the chassis was constructed from angle iron salvaged from an old set of bunk beds.

For the 1st year we rode on these chassis with milk crates or I found a cable drum to be comfortable.

After purchasing rail off of Jeff Price, work started on assembling a couple of track panels to play with.
April 1999

- As soon as your get some track you have to play. Spent a Saturday running up and down the lawn with 15m of track.

May 1999

- Cutting through the end of the garden. This area was always a problem as the soil kept tumbling on to the track. The tunnel is now built on this area. We started at the end of the garden so my mum would hopefully warm to the idea of a garden railway.

May 1999

- As soon as we had a long enough piece of track down it gave us a chance to give the Polly a run. A lot of hard work for such a short line. After this run we left it until we completed the loop.

May 99

- Coming down the left side of the garden we ended up with a near straight line. To add character we pulled the track across the path and to the edge of the lawn.

This shot shows how shallow we dug. It was a choice that has worked for us. The deeper you go for footings the more stable the line is likely to be.