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Not quite finished - mock steps to small door and top layer of roofing felt to finish the exterior

The block bell is a fake and came off ebay. It is made from an old BT bell but since a pair only cost 11 it is perfect for us.



Ickenham club on New Years Day 2007. Their signal box adds a lot of atmosphere to the railway.. The design of a full sized door at one end and a little door at the other, looked the part. Being pushed for space we couldn't really get a brick base to work for our intended location.

To get the correct dimension the box was drawn in CAD. These drawings were used for ordering the doors and windows.

Easter weekend 07 saw the start of contruction of the signal box. We excavated down around 4" before casting the concrete slab. The slab has 6mm steel mesh in as reinforcing to hopefully stop it cracking. The right picture shows the cast slab. Under the sheet are the six windows and minature door.

Box roof showing trusses and grandchildren

Paul and the box frame

To avoid our box looking like a shed we decided we need proper widows/doors and solid corner posts to represent the traditional frame construction. While we were ordering the two doors and six widow sets we also got the joiners to manufacture roof trusses. The trusses were constructed from plywood and saved a lot of time.


If you fancy building a signal box like ours please feel free to look at our drawings. If you do use them a donation to St Francis Hospice would be much appreciated especially as there is over 10 hrs of work to produce these.

I have tried to update the drawings to take in to account of modifications we made during construction. If you use these drawings you do so at your own risk. What worked for us may not work for you.

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