Engines & Rolling Stock

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Listed below is our current rolling stock as of Feb 2012


"Elsie Muriel"

Named after my Grandma from whom I inherited the money from which I used to buy it. Bought part secondhand un assembled chassis and the remainder from Winson.

Currently awaiting repair to steam chests

Produced by Polly Model Engineering


The second pre production run engine. Body work painted with the view as selling as a ready to run package deal. Worked out very time consuming and helped in the decision not to do ready to run models.


This time a better model. Built on a terrier chassis this is a single motor engine run off one 12v sealed lead acid battery. Bought secondhand from an advert on Chris Heapy's pages. We have taken the flange off of the centre wheels to allow it to go around our track.


Un like with the Trojan this time I am keeping the prototype. Seen here just after its visit to the Harrogate show. We thought yellow would make a difference and stand out against the garden. Has a nasty habit of attracting flies.

Yellow body has been sold on. Currently has a blue powder coated body..

Hercules 85

First Jasper loco - 2 motor 12v. Ideal for shunting or children.

Rolling Stock

Bogie Coaches

2 x Panel coaches in red and cream livery

1 x bogie chassis with flat top
2 x open bogie wagon bodies + 2 x panel coach bodies. Bodies are interchangable between the artic set and the two single chassis.
4 Wheel Trucks
4 Wheel Trucks

1st one off the production line. Also accepts a coach body although this covers the brake lever.

2 x Tipper trucks

2 prototypes and 3 production models. I bought 4 back off of John Oxlade when he closed the Salfords Light Railway.

4 x Coal wagons 1 braked

2 x plywood van.

These are the prototype wagons which are now on the market.



2 motor shunter from Compass House

Sold after development Trojan

Bulldog No. 2

2 motor shunter from Compass House

Sold after development Trojan


Built as a Y6 we found that with the introduction of the Hercules we were't using our second Trojan. Sold to a railway in the South West.


This Maxitrak Coronation was bought on Ebay. Long term restoration as there is no motor or control gear.

Captain Howey

Used as a test bed for sample motors + body work styles. Runs on 2 x 12v 063 car batteries using 4 prototype motors made by a UK company. Shame the motor company won't go in to full manufacture as the batteries seem to last longer than a Hercules.


This bearing version runs with the plates from Bobby. Having ball race bearings and no cranks this tends to be the main loco used. No checking and tightening of cranks to worry about.


Prototype Hunslet

Well Wagon

As per production models. Will accept a flat truck body

One artic set

Two single chassis

Big 2006 clearence - Decided to make and keep production models

Bogie Coaches

1 Panel coach in Brown

1 Modern Coach -

2 in maroon which are prototypes and non standard.

Prototype Kiddy Coach

This was the prototype kiddy coach designed to take 3 kids. The bogies poke out the end to give a large span and a large drop floor. The design allows for the floor to be under 20mm from the rail and the seats around 200mm from the rail.

After suffering from children that won't sit still we have articulated this coach with the DMU




Paul Middleton