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Is this line below long or short? Does it loop round, stop just out of shot or are there several hundred more feet.?

Well actually this is the area just out of sight in the picture above. It is a short up and back line but the meander through the bushes gives this little line an amazing character.

You do not need miles of track to have an interesting line.

Are you thinking of a straight line? Why not put a few curves in to make it more interesting?

Compare with this picture taken a Canvey Island. It is clear that the track runs in a loop. No mystery. Good running though.


Three scenes from the Holiday Island Railway. This small set up has maximised the use of a small garden proving that size isn't always important.
Two more scenes. This time a railway in Lincolnshire. This railway clearly shows that you can mix and match scales on accessories and yet still get an interesting line in a small garden.

Sheds, Boxes and Bits

Strawberry Line - You wouldn't expect them to pick up their engines at the end of the day and put them in the garage or potting shed. No they store them on the track. If you can do this it makes the inpromptu run more imprompt (unless you want to steam up)

This is our tunnel/storage shed. Turn of a switch and you can be running in seconds. Batteries stay on the loco even while being charged.

Holiday Island Railway - Engine shed with lift up roof. A bit big for your average garden but it is still a scale model.
Our signal box The other end of the scale

Our footbridge. Why we have one - because we can.

Be brave and try something different.

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