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Digital Controller

24v 180amp continuous rated controller


The 24v i180 from Curtiss Wright is a robust commercial controller.       

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If you run or want to run a locomotive on 24 volts (two batteries) and have permanent magnet motors then you can't get any simpler than this.

Use our standard parts and you get your engine running in no time at all. We have pre set all the features so you just press in the deadmans switch and turn the knob to drive. The faster you turn it the quicker the acceleration. The faster the turn it down the harder the regenerative braking works (progressive braking). On our 5" gauge engines you can make the wheels slip with full regenerative braking.

Please get in touch if you would like a copy of our "Wiring a locomotive" sheet. This contains full wiring diagram and notes. Email

Technical Stuff

  • Regenerative Braking
  • Supply Voltage: 24Vdc
  • Operating Voltage: 16-30Vdc
  • PWM Frequency: 20kHz 1%
  • Output Current: 180A (short period 140A continuous)
  • Power Connections: M6 screw terminals (bolts supplied)
  • Control Connector: 14-way Molex Mini-Fit, Jr (supplied)
  • Moisture Resistance: Electronics to IPx5
  • Operating Temperature: -25C to +50C
  • 3 Auxiliary protected 24v outputs (max 3amp) -
Output 1 - Reverse traction applied
Output 2 - Continous -spare leads on loom
Output 3 - Traction applied (not wired on standard loom)

    Custom Optional Programming/Extras 

An iDrive fitted to a Trojan with a standard wiring loom. Standard loom keeps the complexity of wiring down.

One of the features we have set is a switched operated speed governor. At a flick of the switch top speed is limited to 70%. The speed control potentiometer is re calibrated for 0-70% speed control so there is no dead spot. On our Hercules this represents a top speed of around 8mph. Ideal for younger, less experienced drivers or just to curb the over excited driver.

We have fitted these to an 8 motor 7 1/4" loco, 4 motor Hercules and a Maxitrak 2 motor F7. All locos drive well and gave very effective regenerative braking.       The 7 1/4" gauge loco produced nearly 100amps on full braking.


PACKAGE A  - Pre wired fly leads and hand controller - Horn SwitchiDrive package A
  • iDrive 180A unit
  • Hand controller with deadmans button on curly flex (around 500mm) 8 pin plug
  • Centre off toggle switch to control hi lo horns
  • Standard wiring loom - 8 pin metal socket, speed governor switch, ignition switch, truecharge meter and accessory wires ready for controlling relays for horns.8 pin socket pre wired
  • 8 pin socket pre wired


iDrive package A

- Dashboard Package
  • iDrive 180A unit
  • Molex connector kit 14 pin
  • 4k7 linear potentiometer
  • Truecharge meter and cables
  • 3x miniature toggle switches (reverse, power & speed limit)


iDrive Package B

PLEASE NOTE - current lead times for iDrives can be anything up to 6 months

We are able to supply the loom or wires to a longer length. Please call/email with your requirements.

Battery/Motor Leads
  • Power Leads - 1 x 6mm2 X 1m red, 1 x 6mm2 X 1m black, 2 x 6mm2 X 0.5m red, 2 x 6mm2 X 0.5m black. Leads terminated with 6mm ring for connection to control board. 22.50


  • Hand controller with 8 core wire curly flex and centre off toggle for horn control 55.20            

in house built hand controller

  •  Aux 1 socket and 500mm wire lead  4.90      
Aux 1 cable
  • 8 pin plug 7.80 socket 8.90

  • 8 Core curly lead flex - 21.30 exclusive to Ride on Railways                              (resting 0.6m long, recommended stretch 1.1m long)
  • 2 x 24v relays  for horn control 16.30

Custom Optional Programming/Extras

  • 24dc supply - 3 outputs with 3amp protection - programmable for contentious, traction, forward traction, reverse traction or solenoid brake

  • Speed governor - 0-100% (70% as standard)

  • Restricted output 25 -140amps


  • Identifying basic wiring issues - click here
  • Handset plug and socket wire colour and pin numbers - click here
  • Hand set wiring - click here12v horn wiring - pre 2013 - click here
  • 12v horn wiring - iDrive powered relays - click here
  • Ride on Railways Wiring Loom (idrive, Truecharge, socket and switces) - click here
  • Hercules owners manual - click here

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