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Newsletter April 2018

SORRY its been too long.
After nearly 4 years I am returning to these pages. Facebook is a wonderful and easy way to publish news but after the recent security scandal and contact from a few people who do not use social media I realise that using our own website for news can be a little more personal.
My dads Felbahn loco with our new prototype driving truck
Why Facebook -
  1. Select picture(s)
  2. Type up descriptions
  3. Press post button.
This page
  1. Sort out all the pictures I want. Resample them all - thumbnail creator will do this.
  2. Save this page to next in line - page47.html
  3. Fill in text and insert pictures using a web builder program
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It is 8:50 now on Good Friday. Note at bottom on how I get on.
New Driving truck for 2018

Having built a metal bodied driving truck in 2016 its simple and quick design left it rather lacking in character. It was also not big enough to accommodate a reasonable sized water tank. Back to the drawing board  with the following brief -
1. Feet as low as practically possible
2. 18 litre capacity tank
3. Build with a deck
4. Option for timed water pump
5. Integral sieve for coal
6. Coal hoppper to allow coaling on the go.
Then the personal choice. I liked the rear curved corners but also the top edge needed to be curved. That presented a technical issue.

Comparison of prototype
Rear view of truck New Driving Truck
The rear curve means there is no corner join with its associated painting issues. For me I think the detail reflects those of early locomotive tenders. Having looked at 7 1/4" tenders for many years and seen other peoples solutions to problems I bit the bullet and commissioned three bodies constructed in 3mm steel.

Why the delay? Well even something as simple as the handbrake stanchion has proved to be a problem. On my dads truck it is in its third and hopefully final position. As much as doing dawning can solve problems, sometimes you need to actually put an item in to service to identify issues.

I will be creating a sales page for these soon but due to their complexity they are to be commission built to customer requirements. Who knew even coal type can have an impact on design.

GNR tender
Havering Miniature Railway Club
As much as Chingford Model Engineering Clubs is one of the best clubs in the country, it is 35-45 minutes away. The opportunity to be involved in the creation of a club in Romford with a founding member providing most of the track was just too great an opportunity to resist.

Having been invited in to a park by the council and gaining planning permission we are now well on towards completing the 7 1/4" gauge railway in Lodge Farm Park.

So most Sundays are spent down the park digging, building, running trains or just talking.
Thanks to the Friends of the Park we have a container and even a club owned coach - supplied by Ride on Railways.

Having said how people don't like Facebook - do have a look at our club pictures. Shows how the club has grown. Havering Miniature Railway Club

Old Friend Returns to the Workshop

In January Poplar Lady from Poplar Miniature Railway (Little Tey) came back to the workshop for a 4 year major overhaul. Work involved -
  • Complete repaint
  • Re motoring
  • New gears
  • New cable brakes to all bogies (two spare ones)
  • Fitting new multi stage charger
  • Paint protection film
  • Sprung buffers
Having run for well over 600 hours the delrin gears still had life in them but were changed as a mater of course.

Electrics and big Locos

Wiring up any loco can be daunting but when it comes to a 12 1/4" gauge loco with 4 huge motors where do you start. The iDrive has a fantastic reputation for being robust so to drive this loco the owner asked if we could fit 2 iDrives to work in tandem.

After two visits to Bognar Regis and Hotham Park Railway we had the locomotive running leaving it to the local team to finish off the final control wiring install.

This install had some very nice extras -
  • Control from either cab
  • Battery protection/remote isolator
  • Battery condition meter - shows percentage used and monitors mid battery voltage
For me it was time to invest in tools to work with cables up to 25mm2.
I thank Chris and his team for such an interesting project and making us feel so welcome.  I shall not moan about my heavy batteries again after this. Think they were over 1/2 ton.

Dolly is our new 7 1/4" gauge locomotive. It is a light duty loco for pulling two passengers and possibly a couple more on a coach. Really this was made for the park railway to help with works trains.

Having to bring trains to the park I set about making something that would fit in the car.

Having done this the railway has connected track to the container and it now lives on site.

Buy Now

On Line Shop

Yes it is coming very soon.

Well actually it is live and I am slowly plugging in the items. It is our intention to migrate products across and change the current website to compliment/support the shop.

I have not fully got to the bottom on international sales so if you do want items overseas or just clarifying postage rates please just call.

Time 11:25
Well now I remember why Facebook is so good. One page, three messenger conversations, three products loaded on to the shop and over two hours have gone. Now to save as page47.html and page01.html, quick read through (apologise for spelling mistakes and typos) update menu page, front page and then log on and transfer the files.

Still advert free and don't worry I will not be covertly gathering and selling your personal data.

Off to the workshop to sort out a large coach ready for delivery.


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