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Newsletter June 2006

Are Your Busy on Saturday June 17th 2006?

-Come and join us at the Canvey Railway & Model Engineering Club

They have a very extensive set up boasting both raised and ground level tracks.

From around 10.30am onwards I hope to have a wide range of engines and rolling stock out on the ground level track. Having bought a new trailer I am hoping to get our 12 wagon freight train up and running.

The site location and details can be found on their website but please drop me a line to let me know an idea of numbers.

Engines and rolling stock welcome or come and drive ours. If you are thinking of ever buying one of our locos come and have a test drive.

- Paul



Another busy month has flown by.

Merstham Model Steam Show May 2006

To demonstrate how tight a curve 5" gauge can go around we took some panels from our portable track. This proved to be an amazing success and kept our stand pretty crowded on both days.


The track was laid straight on the grass and was rough. Despite this the locos stayed on and the roughness all helped to demonstrate our rolling stock in extreme conditions. Big thanks to Barry (above with his Dock Shunter) for letting us extend the track in to his awning for loco storage on the Saturdaynight.


Jasper No.1 held up suprisingly well. Although it is only a 2 motor version running on a single 12v car battery, this engine lasted a long time and pulled some pretty heavy loads. I was going replace it with a 4 motor version but after this days running I think I am going to keep No. 1.


Bernard Webb - From Plymouth. This super detailed Hercules is a credit to his skill and attention to detail.

Unfortunately I concentrated on the video so I didn't take many stills. So see the following link for a video of Merstham and our open day.


New products for the summer

  • As part of the on going overhaul of our range the 4 wheel driving truck will not be available until the end of June. Full details of the modifications will be published as and when they happen.

  • Bearing version trucks and engines. We will be replacing the metal bearing holders with injection moulded one piece holders. Exclusive to Ride on Railways these holders are to feature in a whole range of new products including a new long base driving truck which can be used on both ground and raised tracks.

Watch this space for details or subscribe to our email updates.

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