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Newsletter February 2007

Canvey Island Members Day

Although not a member yet, we were invited to this excellent club. Took both the boys this time and two engines. As there were times with nobody else on the track we let Clark have a drive. At 3yr 5mths I thought he drove well.

I also took the opportunity to try and video a Hercules at full speed. Youtube video

Thanks to Colin Webb for this picture

I couldn't face taking the trailer so we took a Jasper, Hercules, bogie coach and two coal wagons. All this fitted in the car. The brass name plate on the front of Jasper says "CLARK". I thought that in later years it may stop arguements if both Jasper and Clark names were on the engine.

Big thanks to all those at the club. An excellent day - now I just need to join.

4 Wheel Riding Truck

As reported last month we have updated information on the driving truck. This month I have posted pictures of a plywood van. Having had a good reposnse to the coal wagon, we decided that we should finish the plywood vans which we ordered up last summer.

I have also had some 4 wheel trucks cut with the brake lever in a better position for those who need or prefer the lever on the outside of the body. The plywood van in the pictures is of our own and needs a good clean.

What wasn't shown is that the roof is removable and there are mock ventilators on the ends. The ventilators are needed as hand holds to pick the wagon up with.

We currently have parts for four trucks in stock.

Ride on Railways DVD

I am planning in the next few days to build a ready to run Trojan for a customer in Norfolk. I am going to take this opportunity to video the construction which could then be used as part of the instructions.

Progress will be posted as soon as it happens.

Having seen some of the commercial videos on the market I hope at some point to produce a DVD of our products in use. If you have any video that you think would be of interest and would like it included please send me a copy. Rather than a commercial venture I would sell the DVDs with all profit going to our local Hospice.

Articulated Coaches

As mentioned last month we were testing the idea of articulated coaches.

The price for a pair of articulated coaches is -100

That is deduct 100 from the price of a pair of coaches


As a marketing tool Ebay offers great potential. I start most items with a low reserve so there is a chance you can grab a bargain. I do not generally offer items at low prices but it is a gamble and if it doesn't pay I look at it as a form of advertising.

So keep an eye out and you may grab a bargain.

ebay user name - paul_middleton


Google Advert

I am a sell out. Well people go on about how much they generate from advertising on their homepage. Trying to find out how much you get paid is impossible until you have signed up. Now I am signed up I find it a bit of a joke.

Interestingly there are strick guidelines about what you can and can't do. I can't encourage anyone to click on the adverts (as I get paid for this), and I am not allowed to click on the advert as obviously I would be making myself money.

There have been some interesting links in the box including a Chinese plastic moulding company that offer the complete design and build package for 00 trains (not that I would follow the link).

Anyway at the end of the month I should have generate enough funds to treat myself to a nice ice cream. Yes thats about all I get.


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