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Great Orme Tramway- Dec 04

Although not running, we couldn't really stay in Llandudno and not at least pop over to see the tramway. I last rode on this in 1986 when my dad and I went off for the second year in a row to do all the Great Little Trains of Wales.

Bottom station. Cable and wheels removed. The Great Orme Tramway is more like funicular than a tramway. It is made up of four cars running on two seperate systems.

The ovehead wire has been removed. I think this was used for communication, so I presume radios have replaced it. Of course this may be a temporay situation as it would get in the way of machines working on the line.

The bottom section runs on the street. The shot on the right clearly shows the steep gradients and the centre slot for the cable.
This shot is towards the top of the lower section looking down towards the back of Llandudno. At the time of this picture the track was being replaced.
This picture shows how the upper part of the road running section copes with the two cables and two cars. There are actually two seperate tracks here with two seperate rebates for the cable.

It is not until you see the track exposed until you get an idea of how much steel there is below the ground.

The tracks are so close as the two cars never run on this section at the same time.

The halfway house.

At this point during the running season, you diss embark and go to the far end of the building and catch a tram on the upper section. The upper section is all traditional track with the cables guided by pulleys mounted on the sleepers.

I have included this picture of the Great Orme, taken from Llandudno, as it clearly shows how remarkable the tram is in ascending up the head. To the left of the picture, where the houses run up the hillside, is the line of the tram.

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