Who Runs The Railway?

The railway is owned, maintained and operated by the Havering Miniature Railway Club. All the engines and coaches are privately owned. We are tennants of Havering Council Parks Department.

What is the Railway?

The railway is 7 1/4" gauge (distance between the rails). This is the smallest practical sized railway to safely carry members of the public on a ground track. This does mean that the trains are not as stable as full sized ones so care has to be taken when boarding and riding.

How Much is it?

We currently charge £2 per person. Accompanied 2 year olds and under travel free. 

Where is it?

Lodge Farm Park is situated in central Romford with two car parks - Main Road RM2 5JB and Carlton Road, RM2 4AA.
Plan below shows the full length of the line once it is finished.

Google Satelite Image


The railway is a miniature railway so riders have to sit centrally to avoid off balancing the coaches. We do not have any step free coaches although we have sit in and sit astride coaches. We are more than happy to help with any special requirements if you can just ask. If you or your group may not be able to cope with public open days then please get in touch to see if we can help.

Private Running

We welcome visitors to the club with their own engines. Who can and can't carry members of the public is laid out in our club procedures. 

Parties/Private Charters

Sorry but the club does not have the welfare facilities or any covered accommodation for the use by parties. The bowls club have nice facilities and we are happy to discuss the use of the railway in combination with them.


All fares and donations go towards the running and installation of the railway. The club is grateful to individual members who allow use of their trains by the club. If you think it could be run commercially then please think again. Fares taken would not even cover wages let alone the purchase of trains, some of which cost more than the price of a new small car.