We are a social club.

While the railway is installed, maintained and operated it is still a social club with the common goal of the aims and objectives of the club. We also take our elves very seriously.

Christmas 2017

  • All jabs are important

    All Jobs Are Important

    While driving trains is an important job there is so much more that needs to be done. Maintenance of the track, rolling stock are just some of the numerous jobs. Roles and responsibilities are all laid out in the clubs procedures to help ensure the railway is operated in a safe manner.

  • I am Not Physically Fit

    Like any organisation there is paperwork and procedures to be followed but also one of the most important duties - making the tea.. The club's constitution states our aims and objectives but the associated rules and procedures runs in to many pages. Any help updating, recording and monitoring any of this is welcomed.

Mucking in
  • Can I join?

    Yes, come along on a Sunday or Wednesday in the park and see how you get on. If you like it the the club secretary can sort out an application form. 

Balasting Work