Lodge Farm Park Railway is a 7 1/4" gauge railway operated by the Havering Miniature Railway Club

Class 08 ShunterClass 08  

Battery electric locomiotive. Model is painted up to represent the Liverpool St Pilot which used to shunt the Norwich train coaches until the driving coaches arrrived from Scotland.

There were 996 class locomoitves built for British Railways from 1952 to 1962. There are still two that can often be seen today at Ilford Car Sheds (Bombardier).

There are still 100 in service and 82 preserved.

Model produced by Compass House Ltd who have now stopped building miniature railway trains.

Private owner.
Metropolitan LocomotiveMetropolitan Locomotive

Model of one of the batch of 20 locomotives ordered by the Metrololitan Raiwlay in 1922 to run on their newly electrified mainlineout of Baker Street. Two locomotives still exist - one in the London Transport Museum and one still on the underground network which is used for charters and specials.

Model produced by Compass House Ltd who have now stopped building miniature trains.

This was the first locomotive to run in Lodge Farm Park.

Private owner.
Red TramRed Tram

Bought secondhand in a derelict state, the tram has been restored to running condtion with a new motor controller and even a conductors bell.

The tram seats six people (driver and 5 passengers) and offers a comfortable covered ride.

The driver is lucky enough to have a cushion from a Central Line trains with its Barman moquette material.

Privately owned.
Sweet William locomotive Old Bill"Old Bill"

Live steam locomotive of "Sweet William" design.

Gwendoline Locomotive"Gwendoline"

Built new in 2017 by Station Road Steam, this Feldbahn locomotive is live steam. It is named after the owners wife. Unfortunately David died in 2020 leaving the engine to his family who try and keep it running at regular intervals.

Steam engines take a lot of looking after, It takes at least an hour to get her ready and equally that after service.

Owned by the Middleton Family.

An electric steam outline locomotive with three large motors and four batteries. Named after David Middleton who we lost in July 20. The number is his date of birth and shed code of Immingham/Grimsby where he grew up.

The locomotive was built by Ride on Railways Ltd as a demonstrator using a covid grant. It is the third locomotive of this type to be built with one of the others at Poplar Miniature Raiwlay, Marks Tey.

Owned by Ride on Railways.
Goliath at work"Goliath"

This locomotive is loosely based on the Captain Howey locomotive which runs on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway on Kent.

Powered by two large motors this loco is a good work horse for the the line.

Manufactured by Ride on Railways Ltd in Romford it is the 10th locomotive of this type with an example being shipped as far away as Switzerland.

Owned by the Middleton Family..
Merlod Locomotive"Merlod"

Merlod is welsh for pony - as a nod to the last pit pony "Tony" who worked at Pontypool until he was retired in May 1999.

It has two powerful motors and sitting sideways allows the driver to keep an eye out on passengers.

Built by Ride on Railways of Romford the loco is now jointly owned by two members of the club.
Green TramGreen Tram

Based on a Ride on Railways sit astride coach, this tram is powered byt 8 small motors. It can run on its own or with additional matching coaches.

The green tram is great for driver training as a supervisor can sit behind the driver.


The club owns a steam locomotive which it hopes to fully overhaul once its new boiler arrives.

Mardyke CoachThere are 5 sit in coaches on the railway comprising of 2 Pullman metal bogies and 3 coaches which are articulated and have fibreglass bodies.

These were made a company called Mardyke who were based in Rainham.
Sit Astride CoachMaroon Sit Astride Coach.The body was manufactured by Mardyke but the bogies were made by Ride on Railways of Romford. There are 2 of these coaches at the railway with a 3rd one in store.

Ex Poplar Miniature Railway.
Sit in CoachSit in Coach.

Made in Romford by Ride on Railways (RoR). This is a prototype coach with the body made from laser cut birch plywood. The coach offers low step access which helps those with moblity issues. Owned by RoR
Panel CoachPanel Coach

Bought secondhand this coach arrived at the railway in 2019 with completion of the carriage shed. The coach offers 3 indoor seats.

sit astride coachSit astride coaches

Made by Ride on Railways. One is owned by RoR and the other was paid for by the Friends of Raphael and Lodge Farm Park. The latter is the only coach owned by the club.