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iDrive 24v Motor Controller
  • 120amp continous rated
  • Prewired options options or bare bones
  • Built in switchable speed govenor

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Brass Controller

CJF Controls - Brass Tram Style Controller
  • Can be set  up with most motor controllers
  • Knotching effect
  • Bushed spindles
  • Steel chassis
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316 Vacuum Portable Pump Box

All you need to operate vacuum brake systems.
Complete with battery charger - details

5" Gauge Accessories

For 5" and 7 1/4" guage tracks - click on picture for details
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5" Gauge Track Pack  - per 10m  166.50

16mm rail only. For 4 plates and 8 nuts and bolts  3.85

Ready to lay points aluminium 12 foot left or right hand. Laser cut steel frogs.  Link to Shop

General Accessories

16 - 21 mm rail profile  115.60

Welded - unpainted 5" Gauge 30.35
Welded- unpainted - stubby version 5" Gauge 29.75
Welded 7 1/4" gauge - 8mm steel
7 1/4" Gauge

Lever Frame - available in banks of 4 levers -kit prices from 429.65
Multi Slot Coupling 35.70 3 slot coupling - each. (2 slot coupling 29.75) Price for single coupling
16.60 Price per pair (two couplings)
35.70 Supplied as un-painted kit - simple assembly required

Prices on signal page

Due to the scale of this product prices will be worked out per order. Design changes and customisation are also offered . Available as a range of options from parts to full assembly

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