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Looking for Second Hand
These links are placed with no recommendation.

I have listed dealers in interest of fairness. Some I would happily buy from while others I know nothing about.

Remember a strength of a good dealer is one who takes responsibility when things go wrong. More often than not, problems are not of their making but those of previous owners.  I have much sympathy for dealers as they need to buy as cheap as possibly and sell as high as possible. So at both ends of the process there is potential for upset.

With insurance, commercial rent and rates, coupled with trips up and down the country to collect stock, they need to put a reasonable mark up on just to cover costs.

One of the reasons I do not get involved with secondhand.

Engine Manufacturers

If you are after a steam locomotive I can recommend two manufacturers.

Polly Model Engineering.

Build a 5" gauge steam locomotive from what effectively is a bolt together kit. You will learn everything about the locomotive as you build it which leaves you with the knowledge on how to look after the locomotive.

DO NOT BUY SECONDHAND if you can afford a Polly Kit.

Polly's have a good reputation for easy to steam, efficient and good haulers.

Polly Model owners club - home of many happy owners www.pollyownersgroup.org.uk

O&K Polly at Ruddington

Station Road Steam

Manufacturer of the 7 1/4" gauge Stafford locomotive. Station Road Steam's ready to run loco is a mid sized steamer which has received good reviews and offers exceptional value for its performance. Equally comfortable on club and home tracks.

Station Road Steam also have a good reputation in dealing with secondhand locomotives and associated items.

Station Road Steam

Suppliers of Rail

We are able to supply 5" and 7 1/4" gauge 10m track packs + 12' radius points in 16 or 21mm aluminium rail. If have more complex track requirements then some of the links below may be able to help.
  • Cromar White - Supplier of rail and supplier of all equipment for the larger scale enthusiast. UK agent for Roll Models - Holyhead
  • Maxitrak hold some track in stock + manufacture point kits - Kent
  • PNP Railways - Paul Norman Plastics - Supplier of aluminium rail, injection moulded plastic sleeper system including plastic chairs which can be used with timber sleepers. Also supplier of 5" & 7.25" gauge items including vacuum brake system. Gloucestershire.

PNP Railways

  • The Miniature Railway Supply Co. Limited. Supplier of track materials, points (kit and assembled) + numerous items of signaling and track side fittings through their Scaleway Signalling range. Telephone, Fax & Answerphone: 01442 214702 evening calls welcome. Hertfordshire

Suppliers / services that may be of interest

  • 4QD Electronic Controllers - Detailed website with good technical information on their products - Mail order only.
  • Parkside Electronics/Railways - supplier of electronic controllers, gears, motors, chain + loads more.
  • Walker Midgley Insurance Brokers Ltd Provider of insurance for model engineers and garden railways. www.walkermidgley.co.uk
  • Health and Safety - Safe operation of miniature railways, traction engines and road vehicles
  • Technobots - good site for gears, chains and an eye of the latest in radio controlled robots
  • Trax Controls - Exception value sound systems - diesel, horns, steam whistle and a chuff unit available.

Golden Nuggets - Places and sites that I found interesting

 I have listed a few links which I use and I hope you may find interesting and in no way are any kind of recommendation. I get requests to put up reciprocal links. It is not that they wouldn't be interesting but I simply do not have time to keep these pages up to date.

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