7 1/4" Gauge Bogies

Medium to Heavy Duty

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  • Wheel size 127mm (cut from 5" dia blank) EN8 steel
  • 1" diameter axles
  • Length 516mm
  • Width  282mm (axle ends)
  • Wheel base 300mm
  • Height of cross plate 150mm (top of transfer bearings)
  • Minimum radius - 15 feet (4.5m)

Optional Extras

  • Shoe brakes
  • Vacuum actuator
  • Steel cross plate
  • Castle nut instead of nyloc
  • Industrial self aligning bearing blocks.
  • 5mm steel frame with additional bracing.
  • Strengthened bearing keeps.
  • 5mm steel tie bar at bottom of bearing keeps.
  • Ball transfer units for reduced friction on bogie swivel.
  • Integral vibration mounts.

These bogies are classified as medium to heavy duty. They will happily sit under an 8 person coach with out any problems. The axle keeps are completely surrounded in 5mm steel and even braced with additional steel around the top half of the bearing. This area is often over looked on bogie design and can prove to be the weak link. I have used the term "medium to heavy duty" to try and put off the eccentrics who want to build 2 ton coaches and carry 25 people.

It is nearly impossible to provide springs for suspension and get a stable ride, so with these bogies the springs are for compensating. Suspension is provided by the eight anti vibration mounts in each bogie which hold the ball transfer units in place. The use of ball transfer units not only reduces friction for rotation of the bogies but also ensures that the weight being transfered down from the superstructure is always in the centre of the bogie frame.

Price quoted is for two bogies and includes VAT.
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