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Welcome to our 5" Gauge Pages

5" gauge is the distance between the rails. It is considered the smallest practical ride on gauge for track laid on the ground. I have seen people balance on 3.5" gauge ground track but its not for the faint hearted. 5" gauge is also the largest size that can be easily transported around with out the need for ramps, winches and lifts. A drivng truck and locomotive will fit in the boot of most small to medium sized cars.

Our range of locomotives have been designed around fitting in two good sized car batteries. These should last most people a days running with out the need to charge. Even under the most demanding non stop public hauling of 12+ people we haven't seen batteries run out in under two and a half hours.

5" Gauge Battery Locomotives

Bearing HerculesCranked HerculesUlyssesCranked Trojan
Saddle TankIndustrial HerculesY6 Tram
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5" Gauge Rolling Stock

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5" Driving Trucks


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