Open Day May 07

A big thanks to all those who attended.

I finally updateds the aeriel shot.

We had a couple of new features to show off. One was the new signal box and new signalling.

Above - Jasper finds the small door on the signal box . We decided not to make the windows openable but use the small door for ventilation. Above - Pettits Halt. Although we had a stop here, this year we put down a concrete platform and picket fencing. The sign is cut from 9mm ply using a bandsaw.

Inside the signal box. I ran out of time to get the lever frame finished or even full control of the signals. Instead I managed 4 toggle switches. 3 control the signals and the last controlled the points

Above. Due to the wind we didn't put up a gazebo, so when the rain came we took shelter in the shed/tunnel and signal box.

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