Open Day September 07

For the first time this year the weather was excellent for the day. A big thanks to all those who attended and for all donations to the Hospice.

Rather than opt for the name of Romford South we have decided to go for a different name on our signal box. When time permits I might make some other name boards so we could change the name of the signal box as and when.


We had some visiting locos including a proper steamer and a ROR saddle tank "Lady Galtbe"


Once again the railway was run with the trains running on a choice of two routes up the garden. One new feature on the line was the introduction of keeping the top crossing signal on red until you get with in a few feet of it.

This was done to make sure all trains slow down as they approach the top crossing.

Suggitts Lane - it is the name of a pedestrian crossing at Cleethorpes. My relations came from Cleethorpes and my early memories of going to the beach are of crossing the railway here and walking along the sea wall towards Wonderland. It is also one of the areas where my dad used to watch trains from as a young lad.

Not a lot to see today as the line was singled in the 1980's


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