Chingford June 07

I like to try and get a day at a club and throw open the invite to all. This year a big thanks to the Chingford Club for letting us come and play.

As usual I got a bit busy and hardly took any picture. Thanks to Drena for remembering to use her camera.


This years display boards which depict our railway and the companies products.

Saves bringing more products.

On the ground track we had 2 5" gauge engines running along with our 7 1/4" gauge Hercules. The picture on the right is of Clark, Jasper and Faith waiting for a driver.
I never did manage a full out and back on the ground level track as I kept getting side tracked on to other things. The picture on the left is my second attempt at going round but shortly out of shot I had to hand over the train to sort something else out.

Simon, Barry, Bob and Tony (who is driving from the back) with Tony's Portugese style Hercules.

Left Keith and his very nicely finished tram engine.
Although not really designed as a big puller, the 7 1/4" Hercules was pressed in to service for a quick bit of public running. It performed pretty well but did struggle getting grip up the 1 in 40 in to the station. Not bad really given its lack of weight.

As mentioned in previous pages, it arrived in the back of a car and didn't need ramps and winches to get it on the track.

An extra big thanks to Ron (left) and Martin from the club for all their help.

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