Merstham Show 07

Saturday19th May & Sunday 20th May



Last year we didn't camp as Clark had chicken pox. This year we took advantage of the weekend and went as a family.

Sharing space with Compass House we ran our trains across the two plots. Unfortunately the ground wasn't that flat so couldn't really offer rides. How many Davids can you see?

Despite the bad weather forecast, we had two good dry days.


Jasper shows off how our 4 wheel trucks look alright behind a Compass House Class 08.


Not all steam was rail mounted. We were lucky enough to badger a ride behind this superb traction engine.

Last train of the day. The 7.25" gauge line was run mainly by three quarry Hunslets.

Saturday evening - once the public had gone and we were treated to a six coach train. The petrol engine was included as it has brakes. Coming back up the 1 in 40 really taxed the Hunslet, but it made it with little help..


Evening on shed.

A big thanks to all those who organised the event + a major thanks to the Merstham Valley Railway group. That was my first time driving a 7.25" gauge loco/tram. Sorry to the campers for the late running. I did stop just after 11pm and there were others - honest.

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