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Newsletter January 2007


To start the year we were invited to Ickenham club for their Friends and Family day.

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy19b18ygsg&mode=user&search=

As previosly mentioned I am now putting videos on to Youtube.com as it is free and saves my bandwidth usage.

Hercules and coaches Ickenham Club signal box
Engine shed - late evening Twin tunnels on the track

Ickenham Club signal box

Two Hercules's in the station


A big thanks to all those at Ickenham Club for such a warm welcome. The only complaint is that the signal box and signalling system is so good I have caught the bug and will have to install more on our line - see below.

Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers 

Alexander Palace 21st January

I had hoped to have a full page of pictures but I got so busy with business and my two boys I didn't even get time to see the whole exhibition.

Alexander Palace  front facadePolly Owners Stand

These are only two pictures of the day, the first being the famous BBC aerial and the second of the Polly Owner's stand.

I really enjoyed this year as there was plenty of things moving, from steam engines to large tanks and even planes.

Middleton Garden Railway

I have introduced a news page to this part of the website. Hopefully this will plot the progress of our grand signal plan.

We have decided on 12th May as our first open day which by then should see the railway running in a new way. We are hoping to run all the train in the same direction with the points at the house end offering a choice of two routes around the garden.

New treadle switch

Left - one of the new treadle switches.

Click on the link below to see our first test of these switches.


Eventually control of the bottom shed points and the siding points will be controlled by a signal box. I have already drawn up plans for a traditional style wooden box and a lever frame to go with it.

http://www.rideonrailways.co.uk/newsletter\Full Sized Model.pdf

New Products

As some of you might have noticed we have been selling off some of our own stock. We are doing this to make room for new "standard" stock as against a collection of prototypes and one offs.

Having visited the 5" ground level line in Stratford Park in Stroud, I saw that their coaches were articulated. This articulation provides amazing stability, especially on corners.

We have now one articulated set as well as articulating the kiddy coach with the DMU.

With such good results we are looking to supply articulated sets in the the near future. Another benefit will be the saving of a bogie on a twin set.

Articulated twin set

Coal wagon riding truck

I have updated the 4 wheel driving truck page. The picture on the left is the now standard chassis complete with running boards. We have reduced the depth of the buffer beam and lowered the running boards to give a more stable riding position.

The coal wagon may seem expensive but it is very labour intensive to build.

No news on the new engines yet. Progress on our steam outline engine has slowed while numerous alterations and tweeks are made to improve the appearence.

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