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Newsletter March 2008

Big Changes at Ride on Railways

After many years of working from home, Ride on Railways has got to a stage where it is not viable to carry on in its current form. Having filled up my porch, under the kitchen worktop (yes 4qd controllers and large wheels store), my dad's garage, a rented garage, railway shed and my shed we have run out of space. My work bench has slowly disappeared under materials which simply don't have a storage space.

With all this in mind we have taken the step of renting a dedicated workshop.

So for the next couple of weeks we will be busy moving in and setting up our new premises. We are also taking delivery of a few larger pieces of plant which will will help improve our existing product range and lead to a couple of new products.

What we hope to achieve -
  • Reduce lead times
  • Increase productivity
  • More stocked items
  • More time for bespoke work
  • New locomotives/products

Currently our main problem is SPACE. With a new work shop I am hoping to have a bench which won't be swamped in clutter. All this comes at a price so this year may actually see Ride on Railways Ltd pay for advertising. Something we have only done once in our history.


Moving in date March 10th

Quarry Hunslet Launch

Yes finally I have a launch date - July 5th.

We have kindly been invited to Canterbury & District Model Engineering Society for a Ride on Railways day.

  • Chance to come along and meet Canterbury & District Model Engineering Society and Ride on Railways
  • See some of Ride on Railways engines
  • Test drive our new raised driving truck
  • Visiting engines (boiler certs for steam)
  • Launch of the QUARRY HUNSLET - Rolling Kit

Full details to follow soon


We now have finalised the Quarry Hunslet design and will be building an initial batch of 5. From these 5 we will be able to work out a more accurate and fair price for the engine.

I already have reservations for at least two of the first batch and although we are not taking deposits if you are interested please do get in touch.

New Signals

Delivered in the last lot of laser cutting were some new colour light signals.

Prices to follow

Ride on Railways New Workshop

On March 10th we took on the lease of a new workshop.

Thank you for all the emails with reference to Dinky Cars. When we arrived there was not a 3 wheeler in sight.

Previous Residents - Dinky Cars

March 10th - day of handover

Left - not that we are wimps but the thought of having an open door way to outsite was not very appealling. Job number one was to construct a screen wall to set a pair of glazed doors in. The doors came from a skip up the road.


Having a bit of space meant we could get a bit of new plant including - bandsaw, box pan folder, guillotine and a pallet stacker truck. Good job we bought the stacker truck as the box pan folder and guillotine had been put on the lorry with a forklift and the driver was unable to get his pallet truck under the machines.

A big thanks to Tony Walker who unluckily happened to be around when they arrived, good job for my dad and I, as we wouldn't have got them in the workshop with out his help.

The loco body on the guillotine is for our 110th loco which will be the first out of the workshop.

Left Drena and David paint over the horrible red walls of the front office. Eventually we hope to use the office for a bit of administation and stock storage.

We still have a lot of stock to move in and re order so please bear with us while we are still sorting items out. If you need to contact me please call the mobile or the land line in an evening/weekend.



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