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Newsletter April 2008

Ride on Railways Workshop

One month on -


Week 5 and I still have around 25% of stock to bring over from my home. What seemed to be a huge space has shrunk.

Set up work is nearly finished and has included -

  • New front doors

  • Bringing in new plant - guillotine, box pan folder, pallet stacker truck, bandsaws just to name a few

  • Paint room (far right in the above picture)

  • Welding and work benches

  • Ordering in new stock

The Office/Storage

The office -

The horrible red walls have now gone. I don't intend to do administration from the office so most of it can be used for stock storage. The metal framed shelves to the right have been build deliberately to accept standard coaches on the middle two shelves and 4 wheel trucks on the others.

The main 3m x 1.2m bench is now in place along with a metal welding bench to the side. It seems that no matter how big a work bench I have, I can still cover it with tools and materials.
Company vehicle-

As the workshop isn't too far from home, I have started to commute on my bike.

Moving on to industrial premises has been a learing curve for us. Rates, insurance, services etc have all taken our time. We hope now to be in a position to offer a quicker service in supplying our products. We also hope to introduce new products as we now have space to stock a wider range.

On a last note - thanks to our landlord/lady Graham and Chris who have made us feel very welcome. I only hope they will have us for many years to come.

We welcome visitors/collection but please call to arrange before hand as we do not do fixed hours. We are intending to hold some stock items which you are welcome to view but please get in touch first

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