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Newsletter February 2009

2009 Dates

  • 16/17th May Merstham Show - www.mmss.co.uk
  • 6th June 09 Middleton Garden Railway - open afternoon - contact us for map and times
  • 13th Jume Canvey Railway RoR Day. A day to promote RoR & Canvey Railway. Excellent raised and ground tracks
  • 3rd/4th October - Portable track at Romford (St Edwards CofE Comp School) for Railway Exhibition. Largest show yet
  • Hopefully Chelmsford & Romford Exhibitions in November

New Riding Truck

Yes this is the break out from the garden. We did notice the irony of "garden railways" and "trains you can turn on a 10' radius". Large picture on the front is of a wagon for 18'+ curves and raised club tracks. Well we all have to move on.

Finally we have taken our long 4 wheel chassis and produced proper side skirts (prefinished composite aluminium panels), driving body and running boards for it. The new brackets allow for the side skirts to be set in a choice of three postitions and the running boards in a choice of two.

You will also notice that the running boards are lined with angle iron for added strength.

To help keep costs down we have built the first batch in one go so will be marketing it as ready to run only to start with..

Workshop News

On March 10th we will have been at our new workshop for 1 year. The workshop adds around another 800 a month to the bills but with the growth we have seen this is just about managable.

That said we are going to review our business with a view to making a few changes. Mostly only a few tweaks but there are some major new projects on the horizon. WATCH THIS SPACE as they say.

The big empty space we took on a year ago has slowly filled up with bits and pieces.

January turned out to be one of our busiest months so far. Orders for 7 Locos with 1 to Spain and another to Slovakia which is part of Europe.

Due to the current economic situation we will hold our prices for the moment. Thanks to the VAT reduction we have a slight increase on our net prices. I am sure the favour will be called in by the Government when things pick up. Our bank on the same hand pays out interest at a certain rate below the Bank of England rate. So for January no interest at all. At one time the interest paid was equal to all the bank charges, how times have changed.

So with interest payments at an all time low, isn't it time to work those savings and invest in a Railway?


A BIG thanks to all the well wishers for the new baby. Hard to believe that Faith is now 7 weeks old. She is doing well and even managing to fend off the constant cuddlings from her brothers Clark and Jasper.

I keep getting ribbed about where are the Clark and Faith locos. Well may be in the future.

Weather 2nd February

After over three weeks off over Christmas the first day back to the workshop on my bike was a bit of a wake up call.

The workshop was 1 oC when I arrived.

This time round I didn't bother getting on my bike. Thought about my carbon footprint for heating up the workshop on such a cold day.

Instead I went down the shed to turn up some axles and bender knobs before spending the rest of the day on the computer.Hence why I have finally got around to a news update.

Bedroom window view 7.30amour garden

"Worst snow in 18 years"

Stop all this press doom and gloom.

This is




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