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Newsletter October 2010

Welcome to October newsletter. Once again we have been busy busy busy. We currently have a 2-3 month waiting time for orders. Sorry but there are only two of us in the workshop most of the time and there is only so much you can do.

With so much work on the books I am having to simply work through the orders in chronological order. If you place an order with me I will/should send you a copy of the order. If you have not received an order with a number then please get in touch. There is too much going on to simply remember what needs to be done.

In The Workshop

New Coal Wagon New for 2011

Wood Free Coal Wagon Body

For many years now we have seen the quality of plywood slowly getting worse. Coupled with the amount of paint work required, we have been looking at an alternative. The picture on the left is a coal wagon body contructed from the resin cored sheet which is faced on inner and outer faces with a high density plastic. The routering reveals the inner core.

For us the main advantage is no paint. For the end use the advantages are numerous - uniform colour, maintenance free, scratch resistan, to name a few. Surprisingly it weight about 1/3 more than plywood.

We are hoping to have them ready for shipping in early January.

New Point Motor Point Motor

After being quoted 143 a motor, there didn't seem to be a market. With a new supplier we are now able to supply these units at 60 each.

  • 12v operation
  • 50mm throw
  • 8mm travel per second
  • IP66 rated -weather resistant - (still recommend to be put in a box)
Caliper Brakes

We are now shipping 7.25" gauge wagons with a simple disk brake. This brake has created a considerable interest.

The unit will soon be available at 48.50 each.

Simply pull the lever and the brakes are applied.

7.25" gauge bogies 7 1/4" Gauge

We are firmly committed to producing 7 1/4" gauge products.

October is going to be taken up producing a 7 1/4" gauge train set for an exhibition complex in Northern Ireland. Initially the package is for a loco and two coaches.

More news on this order will follow as production proceeds.

The picture on the left shows the size of the new bogies with 5" gauge Hercules bogies in front to show a sense of scale. Our new 7.25" gauge loco will be based on these bogies.

Quick Connectors Part of the Northern Ireland package is to provide a track system that can be simply laid out and lifted in a mater of minutes.

Our solution is a two part connector which is permentaly mounted on the track panel ends. Not only does it hold the panels square it also means the panels are easily connected with two 8mm bolts.

Isle of Man coloured panel coach Customer Specials

Yes Andrena does still work for the company. With Jasper now in full time school, she has had more time for painting coaches. This one was to a customers supplied Dulux colour codes.

Not knowing what the colours were until we opened the tins, the coach looks to be the old Isle of Man colour scheme.

Continetal Style Coach This coach was in response to a request for a continetal style looking coach. Still based on a standard coach length it has two balconies which required the chassis sides to be trimmed.

Middleton Garden Railway Open Day

A big thanks to all those who came. Once again at one time we had 7 trains running. The predicted bad weather never materialised and we had a lovely busy day. Only managed to clock up 633 trains.

Once again I only took a couple of pictures.


Ryan and Captain Howey
Thanks to Simon and Ryan who were brave enough to take out a 13 coach/wagon train. They soon learnt that regenerative braking is good enough to bring off the train.
It was also nice to have a visiting steam train. Once again a Sweet Pea which Michael made look simple to drive. Unlike some other visiting steamers it slotted in with out adding any hold ups.

You simply can't beat the smell of a traditional steam train.

7 1/4" Gauge AGM

Having joined the 7 1/4" Gauge Society and advertised in their journal, I was invited to set up a trade stand at their AGM. The venue this year was the Echills Wood Railway. There are plenty of websites with information about the railway but I would say WOW. It is simply amazing especially as it is less than 5 years old.

If you haven't visited then do.

Not having much time to sort out a stand I managed to fill up the car and assemble a reasonable cross section of our 7 1/4" gauge items. Forgot more than I remembered but it was still a good couple of days.

I left Saturday night as I wanted to see my kids + I was on rota at Chingford Club.

Being tight I camped in the car to save money. To make a bed I balanced the picture boards on the 7 1/4" gauge wagon and the back of the folded rear seats. With a 4" foam mattress, sleeping bag and a duvet I had a surprisingly comfortable nights sleep.

Big thanks to Mike of Staion Road Steam for the loan of his van side + the meal tick after he decided a second night in his van was not for him.
One can only dream about owning some of these locos. Big thanks to Bill Dadswell for letting me have a drive of his loco. As he didn't have a passenger truck I took my wagon from my stand and hooked it on to his train.

Just before I left I took these pictures of the main station in the dark. What fantastic atmosphere the whole station area has.

Other Work

As a change from designing trains, I designed and built a replacement verrandah for my parents. The orginal was made of timber and had already been replaced after the storms of 1987. Not wanting to replace it again we opted for steel construction. Work not only included sourcing the columns and glazing bars, but also the design of the wall plate and front brackets.

And Finally

  • 10 years of Ride on Railways - October 3rd 2000 was the date I registered the web address www.rideonrailways.co.uk - Next month I will do a 10 years on article.
  • All pictures this month were taken on my camera phone. It is so much better than lugging a camera around. Not as good quality but I hope they prove good enough for this site. For a 50 phone I am very impressed. The other phone was playing up which turned out that it was full of iron filings.



All the best for now - Paul

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