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Newsletter  September  2012

Our Last Quarry Hunslet

Originally I worked on this loco for myself. It is the first one to use the new motors and the iDrive unit.

Extra detailing included and rivets to cab sides, brake and reverser rodding, brake lever and the curved handrail around the chimney.

The customer also asked us to fit a chuffer unit and steam whistle.

With a loco of this size, this one was shipped on a crate. I think this is one of the problems with a loco of such a large scale. It is definately a two person lift which limits its appeal.

It is a shame but we cannot build these commercially due to the amount of time it takes to build one, coupled together with the increased cost of steel.


Merstham Show

This years show was a nice relaxing weekend away with the family.

Friday on the way to Merstham we saw one of the new Croydon trams stuck in the queue for the Darford Bridge. Clark with Ron Manning sitting on Ron's single Fairlee. This engine worked all weekend on the Merstham Valley Railway.
We took a trailer load of bits and then used the trailer for our stand. We also managed to get the tram engine on the Merstham Valley Railway.

Having bumped in to Colin Stevens at Harrogate I suggested if he comes to Merstham he should bring one of his locos. This one even has a model of himself in the cab. This 7 1/4" gauge petrol hydraulic loco is simply amazing. Thanks Colin for showing this off and doing a lot of public hauling.

Middleton Garden Railway

As I am writing this we have just had our September open day. I think May's open day catches the railway best + I didn't take many photos last Saturday. There is also a Youtube Video of the day.

It was a hot day so we put up the frame and roof from a marquee we have. Wasn't too sure in the morning but glad I did by midday. Many thanks to Michael who bought his Sweet Pea along and let many people drive.

Right - Romeo driving the Sweet Pea. This loco steamed well and kept up with the elelctric locos.

Below - Thomas driving Clark's loco..

Below right - the neighbours new house is nearing completion.

Above Drena actually driving Bobby. Michael with a frieght train. Nice to actually get these wagons out.

Beacon Hill Railway

We were very kindly invited to a private 7 1/4" gauge railway. Unlike others this railway is really all about the signalling. The line has three full sized signal boxes complete with full token equipment.


The main full sized box and interior.
Box two was not being used but was accessed via a foot bridge and was tucked away in a green corner.
Box three - located between the house and neighbours house. The track in front leads to a terminus in the front garden while the track behind is a loop in the front garden.

Mole Wood box to the left looking down the line towards the front garden.

Above - Jasper helping out with collecting the token.

Full sized signals are not just for display but actually control the railway.

The front garden loop. Just to the left was a banner repeater signal for the return run back.

Faith sitting in one of Ron Mannings ride in coaches.

Hunslet "Robert" ready to depart with Ryan Manning driving.

Chingford Club Day - Ride on Railways/ Station Road Steam/ Local Club members

Quite a few people cancelled but after an early lunch the weather cleared and we managed to get trains running.

Bradly going over the controls of the "Stafford"

One of the visiting 7 1/4" gauge locos was this shay loco.

It was nice to see the 5" being used on the ground. tony Walker with his coaches and Hercules.

Mike Palmer driving his Stafford No. 1

Barry and his German 101 loco.

Big thanks to all those that came. Hopefully the weather will be better next year. July 2013 is already on the books. Will confirm soon.

Harrow - Friends and Family Day

Long haul for us but a great day out. If you get a chance to run at this track then grab it.

To go with his German electric loco Barry built himself three coaches to go with it. This set like the real thing could also be driven with the engine pushing the coaches.
Temporary boating pool with Metropolitian loco in the distance. Class 47. The body is made from timber. just shows what can be done.
With the weather warming and the club hut full we had a picnic on the grass. Mick from Canterbury club - now also a Harrow member. Nice to see colourful locos.

Many thanks to the club for the invite. Sorry I missed your other days. Will try harder next year.

Bressingham - Garden Railway Show

A one day show at Bressingham

Once again we took the trainler and made up a stand in the entrance to the loco shed.

George Sholto on the nursery line.

Above - the Nursery Line is slowly being relaid. They have yet to finish the loop but what they have done is good. The real shame is seeing the old Alan Bloom empire laying around the site in tatters. The trust have vastly improved the site since my last visit and staff were very pleasant.

5 for a foot plate ride on a quarry hunslet - That really made my day although totally lost on Andrena.

Left - AnDel model. I like this and think it captures great industrial style. Thanks to AnDel who let me borrow it to take outside. I think there may be milage in doing a 5" gauge version.

Under my "Narrow Gauge" section I was a bit harsh about the site and one voluntee even contacted me and accused me of lies. It has improved greatly since then. A nice new ticket office, tarmac around the gallopers, a new 7 1/4" gauge railway being laid on the site of the long gone woodland railway, and new attractions. It still has a long way to go and you get a feeling they are fire fighting to survive but it has improved. It is a unique site and worth visiting but I can't help feel that it struggles with its identity and target market. I wouldn't like to look after such a large site so I wish them all good luck and go see their improvements.

Finally Thanks to Hornby Magazine

Ever seen those compititions in magazines? Well Clark finished a word search and asked Grandad to send it in. Well they did send it in and wow.

Clark won a brand new streamlined Duchess.

Must get him to pick the lottery tickets next.

Next update - Braked 5" gauge bogies, vacuum pumps and upgraded 7 1/4" gauge bogies.

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