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Roaring Camp Railroad

A few pictures of the Roaring Camp Railroad which is located just outside Santa Cruz, Calafornia, USA..

Designed to take logging trains up steep inclines and tight corners, the Shay type loco is a bogied loco with vertical cylinders and horizontal drive.

The resulting low gear drive allows this loco to pull its regular service up a 9.5% incline without a rack.


The Roaring Camp Railroad was set up in the late 60's as a tourist line using original logging train equipment and if you are ever in the area, well worth a visit. A very well presented set up with a very interesting line weaving its way through the huge coastal cedar trees.

Although not clear in this picture, the boiler is off centre to allow for the cylinders.

3 vertical cylinders

Close up pictures of the bogie drive. A universal drive transfers the drive from the cylinders crank to bothe bogies. The drive and cyliders are all on one side.

Due to the relatively high humidity, steam from the engine never really cleared away to get a good overall shot of the engine.

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