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Above: The last set of single rail points used on the Snaefell. It is operated by a large single lever.


Above: This dual gauge siding clearly demonstates the different gauges of the Snaefell and the MER. It is used to transfer the Snaefell trams on to the MER. The tram has its bogies swapped for a 3' temporary pair then towed to Derby Catsle depot. Being laid horizontally the fell rail is suseptable to collecting water and rusting. Since being fitted with new (2nd hand from Germany) motors, the line uses regenerative braking and relies less on the fell rail braking.

Above: Simple spring points used on the Groundle Glen railway. Above: The Snaefell starts it climb while the MER curves off to the right. The red blob is the Laxey water wheel

Buffer Stops?

      Above; Laxey - Tarmac laid with no inner rail. With the slight curve the wheel sets run to the left leaving a gap between the rail flange mark in the tarmac and the rail on the right. Pictures of laxey up to the 80's show a pair of inner rails.


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