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Breacon Mountain Railway July 05

This railway is based a few miles out side Merther Tydfil, South Wales. We have been visiting this railway over the years watching it slowly grow. This year was the first time we had seen the 1930 Baldwin loco.


Left - The superb 1930's Baldwin loco. The only stop on the line offers great views of the reservior and a nice break to enjoy an ice cream.
This engine was retrieve after being run off the rails and abandoned few many years before being shipped in to the uk. The restoration / build quality is magnificent. I am not a great fan of American loco but this one just whoozes character.
End of the line. Although you cannot disembark at the moment there is entertainment watching the engine run around.
If you can chat up the guard and ride in the caboose, you will be rewarded with a ride in the high chair. It makes you want to grab you cowboy hat and run along the roof. Luckily all the windows are fixed closed
The caboose. The vehicle not only houses the guard but can accommodate wheelchair users.
This railway has grown to a very professional outfit. Their huge workshop has turned out some stunning locos. They also seem to set realistic target which has meant continous improvements rather than opening up an extention at the expense of rolling stock or maintenance.

This set up is a well run tourist attraction. While the whole set up is built on an old standard gauge line, the good presentaion and promt service make this line well worth visiting. You will not find numerous engines in all sorts of condition here, but what is on show is done well. I look forward to the formal opening of their extention. Unfortunenately the opening of the extension would mean a second train which will take a little time.

I was told that this is a family run business and don't get grants. With this in mind it makes the railway even more impressive.

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