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Welsh Highland Railway - Dec 04

December 04 and we had a weeks holiday between Christmas and New Year, staying in a flat in Llandudno.

As it was my birthday I was treated to first class travel in the Pullman coach. I don't know about the other coaches but the Pullman was lovely and warm.
One of the Garret engines. Not a typical welsh engine but a very impressive one never the less.
Having corridor connectors allowed me to go and stand in the open coach. The views on the line are amazing and it was worth braving the cold for short bursts to take in the scenery.
High up the mountins the line twists and turns giving some nice views of the loco.
Ryn Ddu - End of the line for now -Easter 2009 and it will be running throught to Porthmadoc or even Blanuea Festiniog (well not with this loco).

As the railway is intended to help reduce traffic in Snowdonia National Park, they are not opening any stations until the route is finished for the fear of generating more traffic.


Close up of the Pullmans coach. It is my intention to have a 5" gauge version.
Clark inside the Pullmans. Seat are single arm chairs which are very comfortable.

Me on the foot plate. Well it was my birthday
Carnarfon station at night. The cabin/building in the bottom of the picture is the ticket office/gift shop for the railway. To the right of this picture and just out of shot is the old railway tunnel under the town which is now used as a road tunnel.
This railway is one to watch. It is a professionally run outfit. Running from a major town out in to the Snowdonia scenery is an amazing journey. Well worth the money.

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