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 Hollycombe Steam Collection

It was a very hot day when we visited (2nd July).

Given that this site is run by volenteers I take my hat off to them. The site is large and there is so much to do that we didn't get time to explore it all. The new reception building is excellent and shows the site is moving with the times.

The entrance fee includes all the rides and shows.

I wouldn't rave on about this site but given the whole site is run by volenteers I would recommend a visit if only to help them keep the site running. On the same hand any railway or steam fan will have a great afternoon. See the website for further details - http://www.hollycombe.co.uk/

The station area is a nice creation of a busy narrow gauge station. The little extras of signals, station fittings all add to the atmosphere.

The interesting set up of the railway means that although they have a loop line the train is reversed back down the spur to the station. The incline out of the staion works the engines and you have the lovely sound of engines working hard echoeing around the site.


As part of your ticket you can have a ride on a traction engine.
Although not in service it was nice to see engines pulled out and put on display.
I hate to be negative but the whole site did suffer from bad coal. The air was thick with sulphur ridden smoke.

Out on the line there was a nice collection of narrow gauge wagons. I photograhed them as there are some feature that might help influence some of our future products.


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