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Perrygrove Railway

1st September 2007

15" Railway.

A combined trip to Alan Keef's open day and Perrygrove made for an excellent day out.

This is a great railway which we visited on "enthusiasts day" which saw the debut of the Tazmanian garrat and restored Heywood coach.


The site contains a 3/4 mile line which twists and turns on itself up a hill side to a top station which is with in a short walk of the starting point.

The run through established woodland up gradients of up to 1 in 30 makes for a very interesting ride.


Far from being just being a modern toy railway, this collection includes original and recreation (don't mention replica) coaches and engines based on Sir Arthur Heywood designs. We were also treated to an intensive timetable so there was plenty moving.
With young children you will easily spent a full morning or afternoon here (especially as there is a new sheltered playground nearly finished) but combined with another local attraction it is definately worth going out of your way for a visit. If you really like the look of the garret then if you have around 100k spare then it is up for sale.

- Perrygrove website - http://www.perrygrove.co.uk

- Michael Croft's Books shop -http://www.perrygrove.co.uk/Bookshop.html

- The Heywood Colection - http://www.perrygrove.co.uk/heywood-collection.html

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