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Newsletter October 2006

Romford Model Railway Society - Annual model railway exhibition

November 11th

10:30 To 17:00.

Marshalls Park School
Pettits Lane

We will be there for the third year with our portable track running down one of the main corridors.

Ilford and West Essex Model Railway Exhibition.

30/9/06 - 1/10/06


Another school in Romford but this time we were able to put our track down in a straight line. In fact using one of the curved pieces took the track to with in an inch of the doors at the end of the corridor. Once again we were collecting for the local hospice. Big thanks to all those riders and donations which meant we collected 124.


Having collected forty motors two weeks ago I have either shipped or allocated all these to engines. I hope the follow on order doesn't take anywhere near as long as the last. I have asked for another 80 motors but wait to see how long these take to get. Obviously any engine orders will be affected by the delivery of these motors.

As a possible alternative I have asked a british manufacture to see if they could produce similar motors. If they can then they may be a little more but have the benefit of being produced in the UK and being available (the latter really being more important).

Orders & other bits

Having been told that October and November traditionally are quite months we have seen orders increase. At the same time my old employer has asked me to go back on site part time or a few weeks. Since this part time work pays the bills it is hard to say no.

I had hoped that the quiter time could be spent on developing a few of our products and push on our next locomotive. Instead I am literally swamped. Please bare with me if you have an order as I do not have enough hours in the week.

Short Staffed

As most of you reading this will probably know, the business is run by myself, my father (David) and my wife Drena. Back in the early summer my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Hats off to the NHS for their service. You couldn't fault it.

Anyway the upshot of it all is he is now recovering from having his prostate removed and cannot drive, lift or work for 6-8 weeks. I might moan about his plodding along making bogies but it is only now he can't make them that I realise how invaluable his plodding is.

A big thanks to all those who sent him get well messages - if you want to send him an email direct I am sure he would be chuffed. At least he can still use the computer -


I have been approached by several people over discounts or who want to act as agents. It is a nice completment but at this point in time I cannot even complete customer orders in a reasonable time yet along cope with extra work. On the same hand I am not getting rich with Ride on Railways so if you feel we are too expensive or you want to try and get the price down by threatening to cancel your order, may I suggest don't place the order in the first place.

Domain Names

A big sarcastic thanks to Easyspace who could have lost me the rideonrailways.co.uk domain. They forgot to send renewal notice and worse still had renewal logged as Jan 08. Just in case the global empire ever takes off, we have purchased www.rideonrailways.com. If you go there you will be bounced to the standard site but at 11 for two years I just liked the idea of being a .com business.


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