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Newsletter June 2008

h June Sorry for the long delay between newsletters. As usual when you have lots of news you don't have time to update the website as you are too busy.

Middleton Garden Railway Open Day

As usual too busy playing to take pictures. luckily my dad took a few of the visiting engines so I have put a new page on the website with his pictures. There is also a few short clips on Youtube showing the signal box in use. This video also has shots taken on the day after of our Jasper in use.

Merstham Show

Once again this was a fabulous show for us. On Saturday we had to trade mainly from the tent but we were constantly busy for for both days.



Big thanks to all who organised the show as it was simply great.

Forgot to take pictures again although took some video of the Merstham Valley Railway which is in Youtube

We took a few items to show but the 4 lever lever frame proved very popular and no it is not the same one that PNP had at Harrogate.

Although 7.25" gauge I thought this little man rider would be of interest for this page.

Made by John Barnbard of Norfolk, it was designed to weigh less than 20kg (actually weighs 18kg including bag) so it could be taken on commercial flights and fit in with luggage allowances.

  • Flymo strimmer engine

  • Lawnmower clutch

  • Angle grinder gear box 3:1 reduction

  • Chain drive 2:1 reduction

To keep weight down even the wheels have alloy centres with steel rims.


Canvey Island Railway and Model Engineering Club

Thanks to all those who attended. While many club members enjoyed a trip to North London club and their track at London Colney, Ride on Railways and a few guests took over the ground level track. There was also a lovely collection of members steam engines running on the raised track.

Barry with his German loco and container wagons   Alan Broadway with his train. The rear coach is an open coach body which fits on one of our standard chassis. Wonderful coach but I think the amount of labour that went in to it wouldn't make it viable as a commercial product.
As often the case on our meets, we took the chance to shunt all the coaches together for a last run. First a double headed train then a single Hercules with nine coaches.
John Wortley's Hercules (No.33) and his raised riding truck. After running in freezing weather earlier in the season John designed and built a front and rear cab for his truck to provide shelter and back support. A standard bell throttle controller is placed in the cab.

Big thanks to Canvey Club + those who gave us a ride behind the lovely steam trains on the raised track. Clark and I managed to hook up our truck and grab a few rides. While electric has many advantages, the smell and sound of steam is still hard to beat for atmoshere.

Quarry Hunslet


Production of these locomotives is long and complicated. With our current high work load we are not in a position to speculate build engines. No. 2 is in construction which hopefully will be ready to show at our Canterbury launch on July 5th.

This engine was put up for sale on Thursday night and sold Saturday morning.

No.3 will probably be ready for early to mid August.



For those who have been following these pages - the workshop is working out great. Although lead times are 2-3 weeks for locos and coaches we are turning out 2 - 3 times more items than the same period last year when lead times slipped up to 6 weeks.


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