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7 1/4" power bogie

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  • Wheel size 127mm (cut from 5" dia blank) EN8 steel
  • 1" diameter axles
  • Length 530mm
  • Width (frame) 265mm
  • Height 150 mm (rail to underside of cross plate unloaded)
  • 12" (300mm) wheel base
  • Minimum recommended radius - 15 feet (4.5m)

Optional Extras

  • 6mm steel cross plates
  • High amperage plugs
  • Cable operated shoe brakes
  • Medium duty - 2 -3 coaches
  • 8 x 150w motor
  • 10-12mph at 24v
  • Steel spur to Delrin gear - direct drive
  • 8 motors = reduced tooth loading
  • 8 vibration mounts per bogie
  • 2 ball transfer units per bogie for reduced friction rotation
  • Load transfer always to with in gauge - non tipping
  • Individually sprung axle boxes - commercial UCT take up bearings
  • No slack transmission/regenerative braking
These bogies are medium duty. Suggest a reasonable load of 12 adults. There are many in public service but they are not indestructable and care should be taken not to overload the motors.

  • Steel motor spur gear (drilled and pinned) driving wheel mounted Delrin gear.

  • 30% less wear then steel to steel gears.

  • Quieter than steel to steel gears.

  • Low tooth load due to twin motors - no risk of tooth loss from motor use.

  • High regenerative braking possibility (on test 70 amps back to the batteries).

  • Impact will damage most transmission systems. A damaged Delrin gear will not damage other gears. Low replacement cost.

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