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7 1/4" gauge is the distance between the rails and not any reference to scale. It is considered the first gauge you can safely ride in as against sit astride. The extra width means that while derailments may occur it is rare to have a coach tip over.

Along with the added stability come the added weight. A few items are movable by lifting but most items of rolling stock and engines need to live on the rails. Most clubs have ramps and/or lifts which greatly help. In many ways if you know it has to be on rails then it can actually be easier as in some cases it can be simply driven off the trailer on to the track.
As a good guide you really need to to have at least 1 in 4 axles with brakes on. Electric locos provide very good braking but the potential loads are great and the need for train brakes almost becomes essential. You cannot rely on putting your feet down to stop a 1/2 ton train.

7 1/4" Gauge Battery Locomotives

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7 1/4" Gauge Rolling Stock

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7 1/4" Driving Trucks

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