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7 1/4" Gauge Rolling Stock

Tender Driving Truck

  • Sit in body style
  • Heavy duty steel body
  • Low feet for the best stability
  • 6" diameter EN8 steel wheels
  • Many options
Ready to Run from  1111

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Driving Truck

  • 1" birch plywood body
  • Ratchet brake
  • 6" diameter EN8 steel wheels
  • Flip up running board
Ready to Run from  937
Designed inconjunction with Station Road Steam

Sit Astride Bogie Coach

  • Zinc plated sides
  • Sit astride for stability and higher loading capacity
  • Optional braking systems
Ready to Run from  1,993*
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* April 2022 - 105 surcharge per coach due 225% increase in zinc plated steel price
Will be reviewed at time of any enquiry.

Bogie Coach

  • Compact grade laminate body - choice of colours
  • 4 adult seats
  • Steel frame chassis
  • Optional braking systems - recommended due to weight
Compact Grade Laminate Ready to Run from  2,993*
Plywood version Ready to Run from   2,229
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*Price to be confirmed at time of ordering due to fluctuations in price of
Compact Grade Laminate

  • Wheels from 5" banks - EN8 Steel
  • 1" diameter axles
  • UCT take up bearings
  • Ball transfer units with integral antivibration mounts
  • Optional braking system

Shoe braking system  134.50 

Vacuum cylinder - supplied and fitted 76.50 

a pair (two bogies)


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Custom Coaches

Due to costs involved we are more than happy to quote for design and construction of custom items of rolling stock

All prices shown include  VAT (currently 20%)
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