7 1/4" Gauge Metal Body Driving Truck

Metal Truck - battery version

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Driving truck or Driving Tender



  • 915mm (36") (buffer beam to buffer beam)
  • 525mm (20.7") - top of body
  • 525mm (20.5") from rail to top
Wheels EN8 Steel,
  • 6 inch diameter (over flange)
  • Narrow gauge profile


  • 560mm (22 inches) min easy run radius 6.7m (22 feet)

Optional Extras

  • Battery powered 150 psi water pump and connectors
  • 18 ltr water tank
  • Vacuum pass through pipe
  • Vacuum pump, gauge and control (truck only)
  • Sprung buffers (rear only)
  • 5mm steel chassis 
  • 3mm steel body with flared top
  • Commercial self aligning bearings
  • 1" diameter axles
  • Composite foam (1" soft + 1" crumble) seat with double stitched edging.
  • Wind down brake with composite brake shoes on each wheel
  • Low foot position
Tender Version
  • Integral coal shoot with sieve plate at base - dust drops in to lower tray.
  • Coal tray between frames at front

  • This truck has been designed to allow the rider to be in a low stable postion behind any loco allowing for long comfortable driving sessions.
  • You can stand on foot plates and the truck will not tip
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