Twin Motor Direct Drive site sit loco

Merlod - Welsh for Pony - a nod to pit ponies that were used in South Wales up until 1999.

Inspired by quarry and mining locomotives, this four wheel locomotive has been designed to provide low maintenance running with robust commercial equipment. The side sitting position allows for feet to be low to the track for comfort and stability. Side sitting also allows a driver to supervise passengers which is becoming an evermore important part of our railways as people slowly lose the ability to take responsibility for their own actions. 

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  • 1224mm (48") over couplings
  • 450mm (24") - over running boards
  • 660mm (26") from rail to top
Wheels EN8 Steel,
  • 190mm (7.5") diameter - wheel tread
  • Narrow gauge profile


  • 550mm (21.5 inches)

Optional Extras

  • Sprung Buffers - 190
  • Additional set of batteries - price to be confirmed at ordering
  • Brass tram style controller - 455
  • Vacuum brakes, pump, control and pass through plumbing - 675
  • Brass head lamps (2 x ) - 370
  • On board charger - tbc
  • 2 x 1/2hp  motors (Peak over 1hp)
  • Oil filled gearboxes
  • Full regenerative braking
  • Direct worm drive gearboxes (sealed for life)
  • Commercial self aligning bearings
  • 25mm diameter axles with 8mm key for gear box.
  • Composite foam (1" soft + 1" crumble) seat with double stitched edging.
  • iDrive 180 amp 
  • Top speed 11mph
  • Two tone horn
  • Hand set control or optional tram style controller
  • Fold down seat back


  • The loco can be supplied in basic form driven off a hand held controller on a curly lead.
  • Two 85ah batteries included although can accommodate addition pair of batteries
  • Locomotives are made to order. Motor/gearbox assembly comes from Italy and has 6-8 week lead time before we even start assembly.

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