7 1/4" Gauge "Earl"
Earl Class locomotive

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  • Wheel size 200mm (cut from 8" dia blank) EN8 steel
  • 25mm diameter axles
  • Length 2.8m  over buffers (9' 4")
  • Width 600 mm (24")
  • Minimum radius - 20 feet (6m)

Optional Extras

  • Chuff sound unit
  • Vacuum pump and controls
  • Custom painting scheme
  • Location  of brake/reverser to match your existing locomotive(s).
  • 4th motor
  • 3 x 1/2HP motors - S2 rating (1HP peak)
  • Direct drive - instant power and braking
  • 24v iDrive digital controller - 180 amp continuous rating
  • Progressive regenerative (dynamic) braking
  • Top speed 11-12mph
  • Loco body 2mm 
  • Tender body 3mm steel
  • Commercial bearings
  • Direct drive from axle hung motors
  • 4 x 110 amp hour batteries
  • Whistle sound.
The first Earl class loco was designed and built in late 2020 for a customer who wanted the looks and charm of a traditional steam engine for his estate but none of the hassle. Sealed gearboxes ensure a drive system no maintenace or worries. Three motors spread across three axles give good traction and superior dynamic braking, plenty for most loads.
Due to the amount of work these locomotives are very much built to order and to customers requirements. We welcome anyone onboard and happy to cater for their personal preferences.

What these locomotives can pull is very much down to track, gradients and coaching type. They should easily pul three fully loaded coaches on a reasonably demanding track. Harder the work the more power used and reduce running time. We would recommend chargign batteries whenever possible - including between trips. As with all batteries the least used and most charged will prolong battery life.

No.1 - Doug - Private Railway in Essex
No.2 - David - Havering Miniature Raiwlay Club
No 3 - Rosie -  Poplar Miniature Railway

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